Siel Cruise

We stock many rare and obsolete parts.
If a part is listed is available, If is in red colour is not available now maybe in the future.
If a part is not listed on our site please don’t ask.

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tastiera-2 Style 14U Keys
8 €
13600 IC 13600 dual operational amplifier
4.95 €
M110B1 IC M110B1
55.95 €
TDA1008 IC TDA1008 divider
5.95 €
TDA1022P IC TDA1022 bbd
12.95 €
M086B1 IC M086B1 or equivalent S50242
45.95 €
Key contact spring holder for Style 14U Keys Key contact spring holder
1.95 €
Slider cap green Slider cap 3d printed red
4.95 €
Slider cap red Slider cap 3d printed green
4.95 €
transistor-bc173c Transistor BC173C
4.95 €