Cheetah MS6

We stock many rare and obsolete parts.
If a part is listed is available, If is in red colour is not available now maybe in the future.
If a part is not listed on our site please don’t ask.

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Battery Ninh 3.6v 160mah Battery 3.6v
11.95 €
Cheetah MS-6 Os version 9 MS-6 Latest OS V. 9.0 firmware update
upgrade EPROM MS6
18.95 €
8254-2 Timer IC 8254 programmable interval timer
5.95 €
CEM3396 IC CEM3396 dual waveform converter/processor
36.95 €
Cem3396 Narrow Body 6pcs IC CEM3396 dual waveform converter/processor
set of 6 pcs
189.95 €
LM301 IC LM301 op amp
1.95 €
Lm311 IC LM311 comparator
1.95 €
Pc900 Optocoupler IC PC900 optocoupler chip
1.95 €
Panel switch black EU-PS1-BLK Panel switch black
6.45 €