Crumar Performer

We stock many rare and obsolete parts.
If a part is listed is available, If is in red colour is not available now maybe in the future.
If a part is not listed on our site please don’t ask.

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In the Brass section early Performers used different value
slide potentiometers from the later Performers.
Later Performers had a transpose switch under the strings buttons;
the early Performers did not have this switch.

tastiera-2 Style 14U Keys
7 €
1458 IC 1458 dual op amp
1.95 €
3080n IC 3080 op amp
8.95 €
4011 quad gate IC 4011 quad gate
1.95 €
74ls221-master-oscillator IC 74LS221 master oscillator
1.95 €
741 IC LM741 op amp
1.95 €
MK50240N IC MK50240N top octave generator
39.95 €
TDA1008 IC TDA1008 divider
5.95 €
Slide Potentiometer 40-15 Slide pot 10KB for Strings EQ Control
and Modulation Depth
14.95 €
Slide Potentiometer 40-15 Slide pot 47KB for Brass Attack and
Decay (later Performers only)
16.95 €
Slide Potentiometer 40-15 Slide pot 100KB for all Vol sliders,
Crescendo and Delay Length
14.95 €
Slide Potentiometer 40-15 Slide pot 470KB for Brass Attack
and Decay (early performers only)
and Strings Sustain
14.95 € 
slidercapcrumar Slider cap 3d printed 95% same of originals
6.95 €
springbracketcrumar Spring bracket
0.95 €