Ensoniq Mirage

We stock many rare and obsolete parts.
If a part is listed is available, If is in red colour is not available now maybe in the future.
If a part is not listed on our site please don’t ask.

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Style 41W Keys Style 41W Keys for Gray Dsk-8
7 €
Button for metal-case Button for Gray DSK-8 black
0.95 €
Button for metal-case grey Button for Gray DSK-8 gray
0.95 €
Button for metal-case white Button for Gray DSK-8 white
0.95 €
Button for metal-case yellow Button for Gray DSK-8 yellow
0.95 €
Contact spring holder Contact spring holder with adjustment
screw for Gray DSK-8 and some DSK-1
1.95 €
1380650001 IC 1380650001 keyboard controller
39.95 €
5503000101 IC 5503000101 Q-chip
34.95 €
7574kn-8-bit-dac IC 7574KN 8-bit Dac
12.95 €
AD7524JN IC AD7524JN Dac
19.95 €
AS3360 IC AS3360 VCA chip (Equivalent Cem3360)
6.95 €
CEM3328 IC CEM3328 filter chip
29.95 €
CEM3360 IC CEM3360 VCA chip
49.95 €
CEM3396 IC CEM3396 dual waveform converter/processor
34.95 €
MC68B09EP CPU IC MC68B09EP microprocessor
10.95 €
Image Not Available IC NE570N analog compander
4.95 €
Pc900 Optocoupler IC PC900 optocoupler chip
1.95 €
R6522AP IC R6522AP interface adapter
9.95 €
S153N IC S153N FPLA chip
19.95 €
SSM2300 IC SSM2300 S/H multiplex chip
18.95 €
TL084 IC TL084 op amp
1.95 €
tl4810bn IC TL4810BN display driver
tms4416-20nl-dynamic-ram IC TMS4416-20NL dynamic RAM
4.95 €
WD1772-PH IC WD1772-PH disk drive controller
34.95 €
ensoniq-mirage-keybed-chassis-for-gray-dsk-8 Keybed chassis for Gray DSK-8
44.95 €
ensoniq-mirage-key-bushing-rubber-for-dsk-1-or-gray-dsk-8 Key bushing rubber for DSK-1 or Gray DSK-8
0.25 €
ensoniq-mirage-key-return-spring-for-gray-dsk-8-and-dsk-1 Key return spring for Gray DSK-8 and DSK-1
0.95 €
Korg Poly61 nut for 1-4-inch phone jack Nut for 1/4-inch phone jack for
Gray DSK-8 and Mirage rack
0.95 €
Phone jack Phone Jack for DSK-1 or Gray DSK-8
4.95 €
Phone Jack Phone Jack for Mirage Rack
4.95 €
ensoniq-mirage-power-switch-for-gray-dsk-8 Power switch for Gray DSK-8
4.95 €
tact switches full set of 24 Pushbutton tact switches full set of 24 for
Ensoniq Mirage DSK-1 or DSK-8
17.95 €