Roland Jupiter Series

We stock many rare and obsolete parts.
If a part is listed is available, If is in red colour is not available now maybe in the future.
If a part is not listed on our site please don’t ask.

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Jupiter-4, Jupiter-6, Jupiter-8

Style 28U Keys Style 28U Keys for Jupiter-6 and Jupiter-8
8 €
ROLAND JUPITER-8 V 3.2 Firmware Latest O.S Version 3.2 for JUPITER-8
44.95 €
4558dv IC 4558 dual op amp
1.95 €
AS3340 IC AS3340 VCO (Equivalent CEM3340)
6.95 €
AS3360 IC AS3360 VCA chip (Equivalent Cem3360)
6.95 €
BA662 A VCA chip IC BA662A VCA chip
59.95 €
CEM3340 IC CEM3340 vco chip
29.95 €
CEM3360 IC CEM3360 VCA chip
49.95 €
Roland Jupiter 6 CPU A6 and 2x Module B3 EPROM ICs CPU A6 and 2x Module B3 EPROMS for Jupiter-6
49.95 €
D8048-011 IC D8048-011 or D8048C-011 Jupiter-4
Mask Rom Cpu Key Assigner
24.95 €
D8048C-012 IC D8048-012 or D8048C-012 Jupiter-4
Mask Rom Cpu Main Board
24.95 €
IR3R01 IC IR3101 EG chip
99.95 €
IR3109 IC IR3109 VCF chip
39.95 €
Mn3004 Bdd IC MN3004 Low Noise BBD
19.95 €
P8031AH Cpu 8 bit IC P8031ah CPU for Jupiter-6
12.95 €
TL072 IC Tl072 op amp
1.95 €
TL081 IC TL081 op amp
1.95 €
TL082 IC TL082 op amp
1.95 €
tact switches full set of 41 Pushbutton tact switches full set of 41 for Jupiter-8
25.95 €
Power Switch Pushbutton Vco-1 and Vco-2 for Jupiter 6
6.90 €
Rotary Switch 4 Position

Rotary Switch 4 position for Jupiter4/8
8.95 €

roland-jupiter-6-slider Slide Potentiometer 100KB Jupiter-6
11.95 €
Roland Promars Slider knob Slider knob
5.95 €
Switch 2 position Switch 2 position for Jupiter-8 aluminum lever is a bit
shorterthan original and top is black
6.95 €
Toggle switch 3 position Switch 3 position aluminum lever is a bit shorter
than original and top is black
6.95 €
2sa798 Transistor Transistor double pnp 2SA798
12.95 €