Roland JX Series

We stock many rare and obsolete parts.
If a part is listed is available, If is in red colour is not available now maybe in the future.
If a part is not listed on our site please don’t ask.

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JX1, JX3P, JX8P, JX10

tastiera-2 Style 28U Keys for JX-3P
6 €
tastiera-2 Style 28W Keys for JX-8P and JX-10
6 €
Roland Jx8p early version OS v 2.1 Firmware Latest OS Version 2.1 for early JX-8P
19.95 €
Roland Jx8p Os Version 3.1 Firmware Latest OS Version 3.1 for Latest Jx-8P
19.95 €
Roland Jx-10 Latest Os Firmware Latest OS Version 2.30 – 2.10 for Jx-10
19.95 €
BA662 VCA chip IC BA662A VCA chip
59.95 €
IC CPU D7538A-013 IC CPU D7538A-013 for super JX-10
29.95 €
IR3109 VCF chip IC IR3109 VCF chip
39.95 €
IC IR3R05 VCA-VCF chip for MKS-50-70-80 (Rev 5 only) IC IR3R05 VCA/VCF chip for MKS-50/70/80 (Rev 5 only)
39.95 €
MM5837 IC MM5837N noise source
14.95 €
mn3009 IC MN3009 BBD
12.95 €
MN3101 BBD clock driver IC MN3101 BBD clock driver
4.95 €
P8031AH Cpu 8 bit IC P8031AH CPU for JX-3P and JX-8P
14.95 €
TC5517APL static CMOS RAM IC TC5517APL static CMOS RAM
8.95 €
tl082-2 IC TL082 op amp
1.95 €
Pushbutton tact switches set of 10 Pushbutton tact switches set of 10 for JX-305
7.95 €
tact switches full set of 51 Pushbutton tact switches full set of 51 for JX-8P
22.95 €
tact switches full set of 53 Pushbutton tact switches full set of 53 for JX-10
23.95 €
Rotary potentiometer 10KB Rotary potentiometer 10KB with center detent
for JX-305
5.95 €
roland-jupiter-6-slider Slide potentiometer 100kb for JX3P
11.95 €